Support groups for August

Join us on August 5, 12 and 17, at 1:00 PM, to enjoy an
hour of group interaction, learning new blindness skills, and discussions to
help you better participate in your home, family and community.

August 5, We will talk about accessible voting. It is important for
all Americans to have the opportunity to cast an independent and secret
ballot where possible. Much has been done and continues to be done to make
this long-time dream for disabled people a reality. Currently, going to the
poles, though there are accessible machines, might not be advisable for
many. Are there other options? Come join us and let’s talk about it!

August 12: All about the kitchen… Come talk about cutting,
slicing, pouring and more. Bring your questions and ideas.

August 17: Each third week of the month will be your opportunity to choose
the topic or topics. Did something happen recently where you weren’t sure
how to do something as a blind or low vision person? Did you have a
brainstorm that helped you accomplish a task that you’d like to share? Come
and join us and bring your ideas and questions!

Join us Using Zoom Conference

Join us using Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android
One tap mobile:
Bonnie Lucas, President, National Federation of the Blind of Alaska, 907-301-6808