Alaska State Convention Audio

2022 NFB of Alaska State Convention Audio

Friday, November 4, 2022

Saturday November 5

2021 NFB alaska State Convention Audio and Video

Listen to Opening, Bonnie Lucas, President;
Invocation, Brand and Pledge by Brian Blair, and Song: ABeautiful Soul,” Written, produced and Sung by Tony Gephart

Listen to Alaska State ADA Coordinator David Newman

Listen to Alaska Division of elections, Gail Fenumiai, Alaska State Director of Elections and Julie Hussman, Anchorage Regional Director of Elections

Listen to Challenge Alaska, (Community recreation for Alaskans with disabilities), Jeff Dick

Listen to Jessica Beecham, President, NFB Sports and Recreation Division, including a fit break

Listen to Tribute to October 15, White Cane Awareness and safety Day

Listen to
Duane Mayes, State of Alaska Director, and Megan Schiele, Alaska State Blind Services Coordinator, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Listen to 2021 Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Nate Kile

Listen to National Library Service for the blind and physically disabled, Alaska State Library, Freya Anderson

Listen to Alaska Human Rights Commission, Robert Corbisier, Executive Director

Listen to Assistive Technology of Alaska-ATLA, Tori Gingras

Listen to Author round table featuring Deborah Kendrick and Judy Dixon

Listen to Guiding Eyes, Mike Goehring, Regional Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

Listen to Way Around tags for labeling virtually anything

Listen to New products from A T Guys, “Your Access Technology Experts

Listen to Non-24 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Shauna Jatho, Nurse Educator with Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Listen to Katie Lester, TRAILS, ILC, Kenai Peninsula, how it works

Listen to Welcome, Invocation, and annual report by Alaska NFb President bonnie Lucas

Listen to National Report by Terri Rupp, President of Nevada Affiliate and National Board member

Listen to Choosing Training, Kay Robinson

Listen to My blindness Story, Kristine Bradley

Listen to National Association of Blind Students, (NABS), an NFB Division, Nina Marranca, treasurer

Listen to issues and concerns facing guide dog users, Raul Gallegos, National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU), a division of the National Federation of the Blind

Listen to Community Service Division, Jeanetta Price

Listen to iPhone Q&A

Listen to Katie Lester summarize resolutions adopted at the 2021 NFB national convention

Listen to Alaska NFB 2021 Banquet: Message from national Rep Teri Rupp, Introduction of Board Members, and announcement of scholarships

2020 Convention Audio Highlights

Friday, October 23

Exhibitor Presentations

Tech Presentations

  • Useful Jaws Tips, Nate Kile
  • Using Your Voice; Google Home and Amazon Echo, Michael Lauf
  • Apple Watch Series 6, Abby Fleenor
  • Saturday, October 24