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Our 2017 Annual State Convention will be held in

Anchorage, Alaska on October 6 & 7, 2017.

To register and pay for the convention, please go to the Events - State of AK page.




The real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight. The real problem is the misunderstanding and lack of information that exist. If a blind person has proper training and opportunity, blindness can be reduced to a physical nuisance. 


The Alaska NFB actively works in our communities to provide education for understanding causes of blindness, methods of prevention and additional resources to deal with the effects of blindness among family and friends.

More than five hundred thousand people in the United States are legally blind, and each year at least fifty thousand more will become blind. Studies show that, after AIDS and cancer, blindness is the medical condition people fear the most. When blindness strikes, many people turn to the National Federation of the Blind for Vision assistance, Education and Training.


The National Federation of the Blind of Alaska (or Alaska NFB) is blind people providing peer support for one another. Blindness need not be a tragedy. We work together integrating blind people into society as equals and productive members. We do so by helping people outgrow their many misconceptions about blindness and by changing laws affecting us.


Alaska NFB is one of the 52 state affiliates (including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) of the National Federation of the Blind - there are over 50,000 blind and interested sighted people in NFB.





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