All Alaskans who prefer may apply to receive an online absentee ballot delivery for voting in the November 3 election. You need a Drivers license or Alaska issued ID card. This may mean that you will have to write in your ID number. Anyone interested should get their number written down before completing the application. It is necessary to fill out and application to receive an online ballot.

Acquiring an absentee ballot

Alaska is a no excuse absentee voting state. Anyone may apply to receive an absentee ballot by online delivery. You may apply for an online delivery ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election beginning October 19, 2020.”

Voting an independent and secret ballot is vital for all and we
want to make sure that we the blind of Alaska and others with disabilities can do so. The note says that “Anyone,” can make such a request. Please fill out the application form so you can cast your ballot! If you find it is not accessible, or you simply need help with the application, please call Alaska President Bonnie Lucas at 907-301-6808.