Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Alaska Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired acts to make sure that vision loss is not the barrier to Alaskans meeting their vocational goals or living safely and independently in retirement. The Center offers day and residential instruction in Activities of Daily Living, Orientation and Mobility, Braille, Assistive Technology and Manual Skills. They also offer job development and placement, on-the-job technology assessments, and coaching for retention. CLICK HERE to be transferred from the Alaska NFB to the Alaska Blind & Visually Impaired website.


Federal Resources

Our US Department of the Treasury has launched a CURRENCY READER program to help the Blind and Visually Impared to determine the value of currency. Visit to learn how to receive one of these free hand held devices.

National Resources

Our National website has divided the most popular resource needs into four simple categories:  For Living, For Working, For Learning and For Recreation. You'll find helpful lists of contacts, program information, additional online resources, and more!  CLICK HERE to be transferred from the Alaska NFB to the National NFB Resources page.

Products & Technology

National Products and Technology

Products and technology have become increasingly critical to the NFB and its members.  Our National website provides tools of independence for the blind. CLICK A MAIN TITLE BELOW to be transferred from Alaska NFB to one of the National NFB Products & Technology pages:

-Independence Market—Shop their online store for aids and appliances, books, and literature.  From canes to writing supplies—we have many items to help increase independence and aid in carrying out daily activities. 

-Technology Center—Discover the products, programs, and initiatives of their technology center which have been developed to help blind people achieve full participation in society. 

-Audio Newspaper Service—Learn about NFB-NEWSLINE®, a free telephone newspaper service. NFB-NEWSLINE® provides access to newspapers and magazines from all over the country. 

 -BLIO eReader—Download this free feature-rich eReading application and turn your Windows, Android or iOS device into an eReader. Buy unique, bestselling and enhanced content from an in-application book store. Seamlessly sync your libraries across up to five devices. 

 -Handheld Reader—Find out about the world’s first portable, handheld Reader.  This revolutionary device, called the Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind Reader, converts the content of printed documents into clear synthetic speech. 

Publications & Articles

National Publications

The National Federation of the Blind distributes many different magazines, newspapers, newsletters, speeches, reports, books, and other pieces of literature to inform the public (blind and sighted) about the true nature of blindness and about issues of interest to the blind. CLICK HERE to be transferred from the Alaska NFB to the National NFB Publications page.


Healthy Water Awareness Link

Water is essential for life, but it is often overlooked. It is critical not only to drink water, but to drink the right water. See what health issues, like Diabetes, could truly be resolved by just drinking the right kind of water. CLICK HERE to be transferred from Alasks NFB to